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Axis Mundi Relationship Analysis

Using the spiritual power of archetypes to dive deep into relationship patterns and dynamics.

  • 1 hour
  • 50 US dollars
  • Rowland Street

Service Description

Axis Mundi is a Latin phrase, and means the intersection of where heaven and earth meet. The main philosophy that drives my work is the belief that all experiences, circumstances and relationships serve a purpose: to teach soul lessons. Some of those lessons are hard earned, and the ones around relationships can often be the most difficult to understand. I bring that mindset into our session. The person or relationship can be someone living or in spirit, and the connection to them can be solid, estranged or somewhere in the middle. When I started exploring past lives, and could SEE first hand what an impact soul contracts and karma had on our behaviors and relationships in this current incarnation, I knew I wanted a better way to connect the dots for people. Enter the Axis Mundi. You, ultimately, are the center of your own Universe. The answers lie within the story or narrative you are creating and how you SEE this connection. We explore what both parties wanted to gain from it, touch on past lives, consider the divine purpose and look to what lies ahead. The remaining piece is who you are as a result of this relationship; you are the Axis on which you build the story. This spread is done with the energy of archetypes and can bring laughter, tears, some a-ha's and a few wtf's, as well. I use the Kim Krans Archetype deck, although you can explore this with any oracle deck you feel connected with. The session is conversational, insightful and pulls from the spirit realm, your own experiences and psyche, along with the high-level explanation of the archetypes from the guide deck. Just because the author of the deck may impart a certain feeling or mood with the descriptor, much of it depends on your own thoughts and feelings of the card's meaning . This is truly a co-created spiritual experience. . This is a great reading to schedule back-to-back with a QHHT ® session, and can be bundled for only half the cost. It is not recommended to do the QHHT ® and Axis Mundi on the same day.

Contact Details

  • 61 Rowland Street, Ballston Spa, NY, USA


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